Avocado and Egg Sandwich

Avocado and Egg Sandwich
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Avocado and Egg Sandwich

Now we have avocado and egg sandwich for your healthy and delicious breakfast. Would you like to try this yummy recipe? It is so easy to make and I think you will like to prepare it tomorrow morning for your family.

Here we go..
Read carefully the direction below:
1. For the first time, Put 4 or 5 eggs in a saucepan, pour with 2 or 3 glass of fresh water.
2. And then boil the water and cook for 3 minutes or more
3. Rinse under cold water until cool.
4. Peel and put the eggs into a bowl with 1 avocado.
5. Season well and mash with a fork.
6. Spread them over multi-grain bread.
7. Don’t forget to add with topping like lettuce leaves and another slice of bread.

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