Simple Marinade for Chicken

Simple Marinade for Chicken
from Simple Marinade for Chicken,

Simple Marinade for Chicken

Best Barbeque Chicken Marinade

Simple Marinade for Chicken. A good barbeque chicken marinade is one that has a good balance of flavor. Depending on who you are cooking for, that can mean something different. Some people prefer hot marinade, whereas others might like it sweet or mild. This article is written mainly for those in the middle ground who want a barbeque chicken marinade that anyone can enjoy.

For starters, you need to right ingredients. In this article, I am not going to discuss too many specifics on recipes as much as a theory behind recipes and how you can mold this to your own barbeque chicken marinades. For beginners, I recommend picking up a barbeque sauce that you already like from the store, then just modify it with other ingredients such as spicy mustard or chili sauce. Read also: Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe

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You don’t have to stop here. You can add ingredients like teriyaki sauce, vinegar, ketchup or honey to make the sauce a more mild one. These flavors add a good tang and a good little bit of spice to them without being too hot on the tongue. They make for an excellent barbeque sauce if you are looking for something to go down easily and don’t like spicy foods too much.

But if you enjoy a spicy barbeque sauce, I recommend adding chili sauce, ground pepper, hot sauce, or ground cayenne. These will all most definitely kick your spices up a notch and add a lot of heat to anything you are already cooking. If you are cooking for a crowd that enjoys spicy food, these ingredients are sure to help your dinner be a hit.

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