Best Beef Burger Recipe

Best Beef Burger Recipe
from Best Beef Burger Recipe,

Best Beef Burger Recipe

Best Beef Burger Recipe. Ground beef is truly one of the most economical ingredients in the world. This burger recipe makes the best use of the economical ingredient. They are fantastic grilled but are amazing barbecued. Delicious served with salad or chips. This is a family recipe but also great for parties.


– As much ground beef as you want. For burgers for four people, you will need around a normal pack from the store but you kind of just need to judge it by eye
– Salt and pepper
– Toppings of your choice (relish, cheese, bacon, burger buns, tomato ketchup, lettuce) or anything else you like on your burger.

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– Combine with your hands the ground beef with the salt and pepper in a bowl. Create burgers, whatever size you want with the ground beef.
– If you wish to stuff the burgers with anything I like cheddar cheese. Make a well in the burgers with your fingers. Place the filling in the well and cover over with the ground beef you took out making the well.
– Cook under a grill, I like till about medium-well but whatever you like. If you are using bacon then place that under the grill with about 7 minutes to go. You can also cook in a pan if you wish.

Helpful tip: you may wish to grease the grill or barbecue with oil to make sure the burgers do not stick.
Top with more cheese, relish and the toppings of your choice, place between burger buns and serve with salad or fries. Read also: Cheese Sandwiches Recipes

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