Scrambled Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Scrambled Egg and Cheese Sandwich
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Scrambled Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Scrambled Egg and Cheese Sandwich. The truth is that scrambled eggs are easy to make. Unfortunately, they are also easy to make WRONG. At a root level, scrambled eggs are simply beaten eggs which are fried and – for lack of a better word – scrambled. But like most things that are simple (take love and martinis as examples), people have found ways to make them needlessly complex.

No cheese or with cheese, it is up to you. No overt flavorings. Just eggs and what it takes to make them taste and look like great eggs.

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What NOT To Add

Cottage Cheese — Several recipes I encountered recommended whisking a Tablespoon of small curd cottage cheese in with each egg. Visually, the result was creamy and mildly fluffy scrambled eggs. In terms of taste, the cottage cheese did not contribute or detract from the eggs — but it did make the dish seem somehow impure.

You knew there was something in there besides the egg. The aspect of cottage cheese that secured its fate as a stay-out-of-our-scramble ingredient was that no matter how vigorously you whisked the dish had texture irregularities. Every other bite had the unwelcome surprise of a noticeable cottage cheese curd. Read also: Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast Weight Loss

Real Cream – I tried two recipes that used real cream (“the fat skimmed off the top of raw milk” as defined by the Wikipedia Dairy Products Guide). One said to add 1 Tablespoon of real cream per egg. The other instructed the use of 1 and

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