How to Make Mocha Iced Coffee

How to Make Mocha Iced Coffee
from How to Make Mocha Iced Coffee,

How to Make Mocha Iced Coffee

Make Iced Coffee at Home – The Best Ever!

How to Make Mocha Iced Coffee. Being a coffee lover whether it is hot or cold, I always like to experience the freshly roasted taste and flavor of the beans. Finding an iced coffee that satisfies this requirement at a cafe is difficult so I have the perfect recipe which you can make and enjoy at home.

1. To make the coffee mixture, (using your favorite bean/ blend, of course), always use fresh coffee grinds. Instant coffee is not recommended to obtain best-iced coffee at home.

2. From your espresso machine, stove top espresso or plunger, make 200mls of black coffee. If you do not have any of these coffee makers at home, line a funnel with a white paper napkin, place 2 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and pour 30mls of hot water through. Read also: Healthy Coffee Drinks

3. Once the black coffee is cool, add 25mls of vanilla syrup flavoring.

4. To make the vanilla syrup flavoring at home, mix a quarter cup of water and a quarter cup of sugar, boil until the sugar has dissolved. Once cool add 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence.

5. You may need to adjust the quantities to ensure that you have your iced drink tasting the way you like it. Read: Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

6. In a tall glass, pour the coffee mixture. Once again, how much you pour is dependent on how strong you like your coffee. Add one level scoop of vanilla ice cream. Add milk to just below the top of the glass. Swirl in your cream and sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles. Now, sit back and savor your iced coffee. It truly is unique.

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