Easy Guacamole Recipe

Easy Guacamole Recipe
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Easy Guacamole Recipe

Easy Guacamole Recipe – Very Simple to Make

Easy Guacamole Recipe. Guacamole is so tasty. It is made from avocados which have a very unique taste and buttery smooth texture. Avocados gained a lot of popularity in the 1980s and ’90s. Before that avocados were mainly a regional fruit with a large percentage of them being grown in Northern San Diego County in California, but now they are available across the country and are a very popular food. Once you start eating avocados and guacamole it is an addictive flavor. They are high in fat, but it is an unsaturated fat and is not harmful to your arteries.

When choosing an avocado hold it between your thumb and forefinger and give it a slight pinch to check the firmness. You want to find one that is firm but not rocks hard if you are using it right away. If they are too soft the avocado flesh inside may be bruised and mushy with the taste being bitter. You can buy one that is rock hard if you need it in a few days time. It will ripen best in a brown paper bag. Keep an eye on it so you’ll catch it at the right time.

Once an avocado is cut, the flesh will discolor quickly so it is best to squirt a little lemon or lime juice into your guacamole to keep it fresh. Lime is more traditional with Mexican food but either citrus will work fine and taste delicious. Read also: Best Vegan Recipes

This recipe is to taste. There is no wrong way to make it. For a larger group use several avocados and increase all your ingredients. No matter how much of each ingredient you use this is really tasty. The reason this recipe is so easy is that you’re using salsa in place of cutting and chopping each of the ingredients found in salsa just to make your guacamole.


Lemon or Lime Juice
Sour Cream
Tobasco Sauce

Slice your avocado lengthwise going around the large pit that is in the center. Twist the two sides slightly against each other in opposite directions. One side will still have the pit in it when it is pulled apart. Carefully take your knife and whack the blade gently into the pit. Turn the knife gently and the pit will pop out while still being attached to the knife blade. Take a napkin or paper towel and pull it off the knife. You can also just slam the pit from the side against a bowl or container and knock it off. Now for the good stuff…

Slice the two sides of your avocado lengthwise again so you have four pieces. Put the edge of your knife under the tip of the avocado skin and peel the skin off the avocado flesh. It will peel right off if your avocado is perfectly ripe. If your avocado is still a little hard use a spoon to scrape it out of the skin. If it is too ripe you may have a few little brown spots. Cut those out so your guacamole does not taste bitter.

Put your avocado in a bowl. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of the lemon or lime onto the avocado. A little more is even better if you like the flavor of the citrus. Add your salsa to taste. A couple heaping tablespoons are good. Add a little sour cream for coolness and Tabasco for some heat. Now it is time to mash. An old fashioned potato masher works great to give the mix a quick smash. If you don’t have one of those you can use a large spoon or fork and start mashing.

That’s it. Easy! Get the chips out and enjoy. You can make this ahead for a get-together. It keeps well in the refrigerator overnight.

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