Easy Christmas Appetizer Finger Foods

Easy Christmas Appetizer Finger Foods
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Easy Christmas Appetizer Finger Foods

Easy Christmas Appetizers – Ideas to Get Your Party Off to a Great Start

Easy Christmas Appetizer Finger Foods. The appetizers you serve at your Christmas party or at your Christmas dinner don’t have to be difficult to make. Going with traditional favorites with a little twist will make your Christmas appetizers memorable and will get your party off to a great start.

Serving eye appealing and delicious appetizers at your Christmas party is essential to a successful fun party. People love appetizers, finger foods and tend to gravitate to the food. Good appetizers are a great way for people to start conversations with each other too. Read also: Christmas Dessert Party

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Some traditional appetizers to serve around Christmas time include

* Deviled Eggs – Just about everyone loves deviled eggs but not everyone takes the time to make them so serving them at your Christmas event and people will gather around to enjoy these delicious appetizers. Another great thing about serving deviled eggs is they can be made the day before your party.

* Cheese Balls – What would a Christmas party be without a cheese ball? Love them or hate them cheese balls are a Christmas tradition. Cheese balls are made the day before the party, this will reduce party day stress.

* Candied Walnuts – Candied Walnuts are easy to make and don’t take much time. They are a special Christmas time treat your guests are sure to remember. Again, they can be made the day before the party.

* Spinach Dip – Spinach dip can be served hot or cold. You can easily do different spins on the recipe too. Make the recipe Mexican by simply adding some salsa to the dip prior to backing and serve with tortilla chips or you can opt to serve the Spinach dip with french bread. Read: Christmas Party Food Ideas Buffet

* Little Smokies – There are many recipes for little smokies and one of my favorite which is always a big hit at parties is to simply put little smokies in a crock pot and cover with your favorite BBQ sauce. Let them warm up for a few hours and you have some easy appetizers. Men seem to especially love these little treats.

These easy to prepare Christmas appetizers will delight your party guests.

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