Healthy Seafood Recipes

Healthy Seafood Recipes
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Healthy Seafood Recipes

Three Healthy Seafood Recipes That Are Easy on Your Wallet

Healthy Seafood Recipes. Today, many Americans have begun to recognize how unhealthy prepackaged meals and diets that contain a lot of red meat can be. As a result, people are looking for affordable ways to make healthier meals at home, and one of the best ways to do so is by following some tasty Alaska canned salmon recipes.

By adding more seafood into your diet, you can get plenty of protein without all of the unhealthy fats that most people consume when they eat red meat. So, don’t worry though, canned seafood is much more affordable than many other types of seafood, which means your family can afford to eat healthy and delicious meals. Here are three very tasty Alaska canned salmon recipes that you and your family will love to cook together.

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3. Salmon patties – Simply open the can and drain the liquid inside. Mix the salmon meat up in a bowl, add one egg, and then add breadcrumbs until the mixture becomes easy to mold into patties. Take care not to add too much breadcrumbs because that will dry the entire thing out, but if you run into that problem, you can add more salmon to compensate for it. Cook the salmon patties in your oven, in a skillet or on a grill.

2. Salmon avocado wraps – Drain the salmon, and then separate the meat into small pieces. Place salmon meat inside a large flour tortilla, add chopped avocado and other toppings. Popular items to add include tomatoes, lettuce, honey mustard, bacon, and cheese. Get creative and you can really come up with some innovative sandwiches to make your own Alaska canned salmon recipes.

1. Salmon salad rolls – Chop some celery up into very small pieces, add some mayonnaise and the drained salmon meat. Add a little bit of lemon juice for additional flavor. This kind of salad is just like the famous lobster salad that you find in New England, and it goes really well served in toasted hot dog buns. Since you’re being so healthy with the main part of the meal, you can treat yourself to some potato chips as a great side dish.

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