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Thanksgiving Recipes
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Thanksgiving Recipes

Easy Thanksgiving Recipe

Thanksgiving Recipes. The November month has reached and it’s time for celebrating the Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is known for its festive meals, parades, football, family and friends, and, of course, turkey. So, its time to search the internet or cookbook to get some tasty dishes for the occasion of Thanksgiving day. In the given article I have experimented a new recipe which I am sure will enjoyed by you and your friends.

Thanksgiving Day, that is also known as Turkey Day, is essentially a festival of harvest celebrated in the United States and Canada.

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Having turkey on Thanksgiving Day is a part of tradition and custom. Of course, there could be reasons for eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day. No matter what might be the reason, it’s very true that wild turkey is definitely a superb delicacy that we can enjoy on the auspicious Thanksgiving Day. Read also: Turkey Recipes Thanksgiving

Well, you must be very curious to know some tasty turkey recipes. You can try the given below recipe for this year Thanksgiving Day.

In the given recipe, that is called as cranberry orange stuffed turkey, you can enhance the taste of the Thanksgiving menu and serve the dish along with the yummy sauce. To begin with, you will require 18-20 pound fresh turkey. For stuffing, you will require; 3 cups cranberries, 1-1/2 cup orange juice, ¾ cup sugar, 1 cup melted butter, 1 package herb seasoned cubed stuffing, 3 cups celery, 2 medium onions (chopped), ½ tsp pepper, ¼ tsp allspice and few salts to taste.

For making sauce, you will require 2 packets of frozen cranberry-orange sauce as well as a ½ cup of orange juice.

First, you need to mix cranberries, sugar as well as orange juice in a 3-quart saucepan and start cooking them on medium-high heat. Keep stirring them till all the cranberries are cooked and sugar is dissolved properly… On the other hand, you can mix up the other remaining stuffing ingredients in a bowl and also make sure to preheat your oven to 325degrees. Read also: Traditional Thanksgiving Sides

Combine the cranberries mixture to the stuffing mixtures and mix them properly. Now take the turkey and stuff it with this prepared mixture. Once the stuffing is complete, you require to put the stuffed turkey in a roasting pan and bake it as per the directions on the packet of the turkey. In general, it takes 5-6 hours for baking the turkey.

You can also check the done-ness of the turkey by placing the meat thermometer inside the turkey. If the thermometer is showing 180 degrees in the thigh portion of the turkey, then you can take away the turkey from the oven.

On the other hand, remember to make a sauce which you are going to serve with the turkey. You need to mix all the ingredients of sauce in a saucepan and start cooking them on medium-high heat, just for 4-5 minutes.

Serve your cranberry- orange stuffed a turkey with the yummy sauce and ENJOY!

Go ahead with this straightforward recipe and have a great Thanksgiving Day.

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