Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast Weight Loss

Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast Weight Loss
from Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast Weight Loss,

Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast Weight Loss

Bacon and Eggs For Breakfast Turns on Fat Metabolism

Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast Weight Loss. Did you know that eating a higher fat breakfast can turn on your fat metabolism mechanism for the rest of the day? Eating breakfast like a king may actually be the best advice to prevent metabolic syndrome.

A new study at the University of Alabama in Birmingham examines the types and timing of food on the development of metabolic syndrome in mice.

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People with a metabolic syndrome have abdominal obesity, or a larger tummy size They usually have insulin resistance, high triglycerides, and other cardiovascular disease risks. What these researchers found was that when they fed the mice a higher fat breakfast, the mice had normal metabolic profiles. Read also: How To Cook Bacon In The Oven

But the mice that ate a carbohydrate-rich breakfast and consumed a high-fat diet at night, had increased weight gain, glucose intolerance and had other symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

These researchers found that the first meal of the day appears to program your metabolism for the rest of the day. They have repeated this just 4 times in animals and the conclusion is that if you want your body to respond well to all sorts of foods over the period of a day.

Then you need to start with a higher fat meal in the morning. The results still need to be verified by testing on humans. Read also: Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss

However, if you are struggling to lose weight, then it may be an idea for you to test this out in your own diet and see how it works for you. I have heard in the past, that fat, especially in combination with protein, will keep you feeling full for much longer than if you just eat carbohydrates. So throw your cereal out, and buy some good old bacon in eggs and have a fry up.

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