Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas Pinterest

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas Pinterest
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Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas Pinterest

Exciting New Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas Pinterest. Are you ready for a change this Thanksgiving? Tired of the same roast turkey? Looking for some new Thanksgiving menu ideas? I was. It was time for me to cook something different, and give the family some new taste treats.

Sure, we’d still have turkey, but maybe instead of a 15 lb. bird, we’d have a turkey breast. I’d still make their favorite Apple, Sage, and Sausage Stuffing on the side, and I would still make Madeira gray. The question was what new item to add to my Thanksgiving menu? Read also: Traditional Thanksgiving Sides

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I decided on a ham. A beautiful Pineapple Glazed Ham like mom used to make. Studded with whole cloves, brushed with a sticky yummy glaze of brown sugar, pineapple juice, Dijon mustard, ginger and garlic and decorated with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries. With the addition of a 5-6 lb. ham to my Thanksgiving dinner that meant that I could serve much less turkey and still have plenty for everyone to eat.

This new addition to my Thanksgiving recipes also meant I’d want to cook homemade biscuits so everyone would be able to make a ham sandwich. It also meant that my new recipe for Tangy Cranberry Apple Chutney would be a perfect accompaniment for the ham biscuit sandwiches.

I decided to add another new dish to my Thanksgiving dinner menu, a classic Chestnut Stuffing. I found a recipe in my mother’s old cookbook. It would be a new experience making a Chestnut Puree from fresh chestnuts, but it was an easy Thanksgiving recipe. Once the Chestnut Puree was made it was added to very simple ingredients, bacon, bread crumbs, parsley, salt and pepper, lemon rind, salt and pepper, and a beaten egg. Read also: Turkey Recipes Thanksgiving

Along with new Thanksgiving dinner recipes, I’d cook my tried and true family favorites. One of these is a simple Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole. Some gourmet cooks may turn their noses up, but our family looks forward to it every year. I have a recipe for Cook’s Illustrated Green Bean Casserole, but it seems too much to undertake when the family likes the Campbell’s holiday bean casserole so much.

I am also going to have my family prepare dishes for our dinner. This year I’m going to share my Thanksgiving Recipes with them. I’ll have them bring vegetable side-dishes and holiday desserts. It’s always helpful when family and friends each bring one dish for dinner.

Excite your family and friends this year with new Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

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