Croissant Sandwich for Breakfast

Croissant Sandwich for Breakfast
from Croissant Sandwich for Breakfast,

Croissant Sandwich for Breakfast

That’s The Perfect Sandwich

Croissant Sandwich Breakfast. Everybody enjoys eating different types of food, it’s a fact. But who doesn’t enjoy a really good sandwich? Have you ever tried a croissant sandwich for your breakfast?. I don’t know anyone who turns their nose up at a really well constructed and flavored ‘sarnie’.

I suppose the point is that each person has their favorite, and each nation has their most famous. For example, I love a homemade lightly toasted multigrain slice filled with mayonnaise, tomato, cucumber, spinach and smoked peppered mackerel. But my mother prefers a simple shop-bought prawn mayonnaise on oatmeal bread. In the UK, we prefer to have our sandwiches on slices of freshly baked bread, rather than in rustic baguettes like the French or in a grilled Panini like the Italians. Read also: Mocha Cakes Recipe

The humble sandwich is the most popular lunchtime delicacy, with millions, have eaten every day all over the globe. But, with so many different types of fillings and options for the type of bread used, as well as deciding between hot or cold, are there enough days in a year to try out so many different possibilities?

I guess it’s time to get creative in the kitchen. And with sandwiches anything can work – take peanut butter and jelly, for example, a worldwide phenomenon that originated in the US, or there’s the Elvis, peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich on honeyed fried bread. Or there’s the Indian Vada Pav, with potato, green chili, mint, and chutney. The glory of the sandwich is it’s constant ability to be re-invented. Take some of my friends for example, who swear by Apple, Marmite and crisp sandwiches – weird combo, but I bet it tastes really delicious.

Then there’s the presentation that you can change so easily; triangles or rectangles, mini fingers or long baguettes, open-faced or topped with grilled cheese, in a roll or in a wrap, double-decker or triple decker, crustless or crusts on, white bread or brown bread, seeded or multigrain, thick sliced or thin sliced, croissant sliced in half or halved English muffin…the debate continues. Read: Pancake Mix Recipe Ideas

Don’t even get me started on the different types of condiments or the types of spread available to give that moist edge to your perfect sandwich. As well as all the things you could serve it with! Or even which cafés serve the best sarnies or the ways you could prepare your vegetables before you add them in layers, or which is the best way to decide which textures of ingredients compliment each other the best.

Basically, creating the perfect sandwich is about being creative, about taking risks, and about adding a sprinkle of your own personality into a dish that’s quick and simple to make every day. As well as being ultimately very enjoyable to eat!

And always remember that a sandwich tastes way better when you eat it with friends in a beautiful place. Take a trip to some local gardens and eat them picnic style, or sit on a bench with a view of the sea. Make different types of sandwiches and have a summertime competition to see who can make the best tasting sandwich: make sure to blindfold each of your panel judges!

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