Rainbow Cake Ideas

Rainbow Cake Ideas
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Rainbow Cake Ideas

Rainbow Bright Cakes for Summer Wedding Receptions

Rainbow Cake Ideas. If you are looking for a great way to add color to your wedding, consider having a super bright and colorful cake. A terrific idea for a summer wedding is to have a wedding cake that is decorated with all the colors of the rainbow. These are some fun ideas for rainbow bright cakes for summer wedding receptions.

The great thing about a color that is decorated with every color under the sun is that it will go with any wedding color scheme. So whether your whole wedding is a riot of colors, from your bouquets to your custom bridal jewelry, or if your style is mostly crisp summer whites, a rainbow cake will be fantastic. It is a natural extension of a colorful wedding or a playful surprise to a reception with a more restrained style. Delightful, either way!

One easy idea for a rainbow-colored wedding cake is to cover the sides of a white frosted cake with rainbow sprinkles. This is an inexpensive decorating idea that will instantly add color and fun to your wedding dessert. The only hard part will be keeping the sprinkles confined to the desired areas of the cake. Such a playful cake would be complemented by having an ice cream truck come to your reception. The cake and ice cream combination is sure to be a huge hit for any outdoor summer wedding! Read: Garlic Bread Recipe

A very charming way to add lots of color to a cake is by decorating it with a multi-hued bunting. Create a tiny bunting out of fondant, and wrap it around the tiers of a white cake on the diagonal. Include all the colors of the rainbow for a terrific effect. You could also use fabric bunting if you don’t mind removing it before the cake is served. Depending on the exact color palette you use and the shapes of the tiny flags, bunting can either feel very English country or a bit nautical. It is a very fun addition to a simple cake.

If you wish to be more literal with your rainbow cake, ask your baker to decorate your cake with colorful stripes. They can wrap around the cake, or be arranged on the diagonal across the sides of each tier. Layer the colored stripes over white frosting. Extra decorations can come in the form of candy gumdrops placed around the edges of each tier. Another idea for using candy is to decorate the cake with row upon row of candy dots (like the kind that comes on strips of paper). It is a nostalgic touch that your guests will really enjoy.

The element of surprise is quite popular in weddings these days. If you want to add some drama to your cake cutting ceremony, let the inside of the cake be made in rainbow colors! Thin layers of cake in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet can be stacked to create a stunning rainbow effect when the cake is cut.

If you have a signature color you plan to use for your tablecloths, stationery, custom handmade bridal jewelry, and so on, you could frost the outside of the cake in that single hue. Or be really sneaky, and use a simple white frosting. Your guests will be thinking that your cake is sort of plain until the moment when you reveal its rainbow bright interior. This whimsical cake is sure to be a showstopper!

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