Garlic Bread Recipe

Garlic Bread Recipe
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Garlic Bread Recipe

One of the Best Garlic Bread Recipes You Will Ever Find!

Garlic Bread Recipe. Alright, let’s take a look at some garlic bread recipes here. This is probably one of the easiest things you can prepare on the BBQ grill.

6 oz. softened butter
1 loaf of french bread
one large bulb of garlic with about ten to 20
individual cloves intact.
freshly diced parsley
salt and pepper
olive oil
aluminum foil

First, take the garlic (intact) and just slice off the end. Sprinkle some olive oil on the garlic, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Now wrap the whole thing up in aluminum foil tightly. Place this on the back of your BBQ grill. Read: Gingerbread House Recipe

Now you can go on to whatever you are barbecuing this week. It could be tri-tip, steak, beer can chicken, baby back ribs. Hey, get going here and cook up some barbecue while the garlic is working its magic in the background. You probably want the garlic on for about 30 to 45 minutes.

After that time remove the garlic and take it out of the aluminum foil. You can now squeeze the garlic out of their skins and squeeze them into a bowl. Mash them up with a fork.

Add the fresh diced parsley and mix it up with the softened butter. You can then now spread this on the

split french load. You want to talk about some good garlic bread recipes. Now we’re talking!

Take this bread and wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and put it back on the barbecue grill for about 15-20

minutes. Every so often just turn it over so it does not burn too much on any one side.

While the meat you have cooked is resting and you are drinking your favorite beverage, call all your family together for it is time to eat.

Right at that 16, 17-minute mark, you can start slicing or carving up what you barbecued. Then at the 20-minute mark, guess what? That garlic bread which you barbecued is ready to serve.

Fresh garlic bread recipes, now that is something to look forward to because you can just let your imagination run wild. You can add caramelized shallots, onions, dill. Sometimes switch it up and add fresh diced basil and oregano instead of parsley.

Hey, it’s your BBQ – enjoy it!

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