Blueberry Recipes Muffins

Blueberry Recipes Muffins
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Blueberry Recipes Muffins

Gluten Free High Protein Blueberry Pancake Breakfast Muffins

Blueberry Recipes Muffins. Nutritionists say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and on a gluten-free diet, breakfast poses a special challenge. All the traditional foods; eggs, pancakes, waffles, quiches, and scrambles, that are wonderful on a lazy morning while reading the paper, are way too time-consuming for most days when it is a challenge just to get everybody out the door to their daily schedule.

Most times when I read about gluten-free breakfast ideas it is usually a recipe for some type of egg dish that contains cheese and a variety of meats and vegetables that can be a bit too rich and high calorie for every day when you need to get moving soon. I usually prefer a quick bite for breakfast most of the time that is good for me and doesn’t weigh me down. That’s why I find this recipe so unique; it’s healthy, tastes good, and fills you up without too many calories. Read also: Muffin Recipes Chocolate Chip

I have tried a lot of the gluten-free pre-packaged breakfast items on the market and generally find them lacking in taste, dry, and very expensive for the average family budget. So I came up with a solution my family loves. I used the hi-protein pancake mix I have for regular pancakes and added a few other ingredients that go in most muffin recipes, and as simple as that I had a new recipe for delicious muffins for every day of the week.

I keep a few of them on the counter for two days and freeze the rest in Ziploc bags individually. You can also make a couple of batches and freeze in larger quantities that will fit your families needs. I find they are a good breakfast and fill me up with the protein from the pancake mix and eggs so I am not starving at 10 o’clock in the morning like I was when I would eat a gluten-free pre-packaged breakfast item. Read also: Pancake Recipe Homemade
Here you go, see how few items you need!

Gluten Free Hi-Protein Blueberry Pancake Muffins

1 1/2 cups Gluten-Free Hi-Protein Pancake Mix
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
2 extra-large eggs, beaten
1 cup low-fat milk
1/2 butter or margarine, melted

Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees. Spray a 12 cup muffin pan with non-stick cooking spray or use paper muffin liners. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl just until moistened. Spoon the muffin batter into the muffin cups. Bake 15 minutes until golden brown. Make a batch of these delicious muffins today and treat yourself and your family to a healthy gluten-free breakfast.

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