Healthy Coffee Drinks

Healthy Coffee Drinks
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Healthy Coffee Drinks

Drink Healthy Coffee!

Healthy Coffee Drinks. Coffee is not only a delicious and popular beverage, but now it provides a wealth of health benefits to the average Java junkie. So what is the best way to drink your coffee to stay healthy? When it comes to coffee production, coffee is the second most exported crop worldwide with only oil taking the lead. This is a popular item to be imported and exported in many different countries, but with the lowering coffee prices, many farmers are taking a hit.

If you are interested in drinking coffee that is good for you and the world in general, then make sure to choose Fair Trade coffee because it guarantees a base wage to the farmers so that they can earn their living. This also benefits you as the consumer because it encourages the farmer to use higher standards in their coffee crops since they have a guaranteed wage. Read also: Coffee Recipe Healthy

Another important and healthy way to drink your coffee is organic because it will be grown without pesticides. The residue of pesticides can often be solidified when coffee beans are roasted at higher temperatures, so it is best to purchase coffee that is organically grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Even better yet, consider Shade Grown coffee, which is often organic. Shade Grown coffee is grown under larger shade trees that provide an innate habitat to migratory birds. Not only does this support natural ecosystems, but the birds also work as a natural pesticide by eating the insects off of the coffee plants so that chemical pesticides do not have to be used.

As for enjoying healthy coffee on a daily basis, make sure that all of the beans are ground fresh so that you will experience the most flavor in your brew. If you purchase coffee that is pre-ground, then it will already be stale because freshly ground coffee beans go stale within 30 seconds. If you are boiling water to brew coffee in a French Press, it is best to use a ceramic kettle. Read: Healthy Juice Recipes

The reason for this is that boiling water in a metal kettle can cause an unpleasant taste to the water, so the ceramic kettle will provide a more pure taste to the brew. From that point, it is always best to use cool, filtered water when brewing coffee in a machine. If you are using water from the tap, then it could be full of minerals, which will affect the taste of your coffee and build up lime scale in your coffee machine.

If you normally add sugar to your coffee, it is better for your health to use evaporated cane juice as sugar. Raw sugar is the best form of sugar to use to sweeten, so consider that the best healthy alternative as a sugar substitute. Instead of using many of the coffee creamers on the market, you can also choose to purchase organic cream. This will add full and fresh flavors to your coffee, and it will also be better for you than a processed coffee creamer.

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