Honey Shrimp Recipes

Honey Shrimp Recipes

Honey on Shrimp

Honey Shrimp Recipes. Grilling is one cooking method that is easy to do. What makes it the most favorite cooking method of most people is the fact that food gets cooked in a matter of minutes and tastes delicious as long as it is not overcooked. Even without that much ingredients, a grilled food will taste good more often than not.

Shrimp is one of the types of foods that people love to grill. Sometimes, shrimps are grilled without any ingredients. Sometimes, the only ingredients used are salt and pepper. So what is the best way to grill shrimp? There may be a lot of best ways and one of them is by including honey as the main ingredient. Here is how to prepare Honey Grilled Shrimp: Read also: Shrimp Recipes Grilled

The ingredients needed to prepare Honey Grilled shrimp are skewers, two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, ¼ cup of melted butter, ¼ cup of honey, a pound of large peeled and deveined shrimp, two tablespoons of Italian-style salad dressing, two tablespoons of dry white wine, 1/3 cup of Worcestershire sauce, ¼ tablespoon of ground black pepper, and ½ teaspoon of garlic powder.

For those asking what is the best way to grill shrimp, particularly the Honey Grilled Shrimp, the first step is to combine the salad dressing, wine, 1/3 cup of Worcestershire sauce, the black pepper, and garlic powder in one bowl. After mixing well, the shrimps may be added and tossed in order to be coated evenly. The large bowl should then be covered and left inside the refrigerator for an hour in order to marinate the shrimps well.

The grill must then be preheated with high temperature. The shrimps should then be threaded onto skewers, piercing near the head as well as near the tail. The marinade may then be discarded. Read also: Lobster Recipes Ideas

In another bowl, the two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, the melted butter, and honey must be combined and stirred well. This mixture will be set aside first as it will be used for basting.

The last step is to put oil on the grill grate in a light manner. Make sure that the shrimps are evenly grilled. By doing so, they must be drilled approximately two to three minutes on each side. One may know if the shrimps are already done if their appearance turns to opaque. While grilling, baste the shrimps with the last mixture prepared.

For people who are asking what is the best way to grill shrimp, doing it this way is one of the best ways. Grilling is a fun cooking method and knowing that the grilled food tastes delicious makes it even doubly fun. Furthermore, knowing that the guests will enjoy the grilled food prepared makes it even more inspiring. Read also: Italian Seafood Recipes

There are actually a whole lot of varieties of grilled shrimp recipes but the Honey Grilled Shrimp is one of the highly recommended recipes for grilled shrimp. So, when somebody asks us what is the best way to grill shrimp? Then, we know now what to answer.

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