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Salmon Recipes Baked
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Salmon Recipes Baked

Baked Salmon Recipes – Rosemary the Hidden Secret

Salmon Recipes Baked. One of the best-kept secrets of baked salmon recipes is the use of rosemary as a primary spice. Rosemary has traditionally been used in Italian dishes like chicken and rabbit, and many people do not use whole Rosemary because it doesn’t dissolve and looks like a miniature pine needle.

Rosemary comes from a small evergreen shrub whose leaves resemble small pine needles. Rosemary can have a tea like aroma and piney flavor, and it is part of the mint family. Thousands of years ago the Greeks wove rosemary wreaths into their hair believing that it could enhance your memory. It was also used as a symbol of fidelity.

When used in fish dishes Rosemary can dramatically enliven the flavor of the fish. It can produce a slightly woodsy scent, and is used in many fine salmon recipes. Baked salmon recipes that take advantage of the livening feature of rosemary quite often also use tomatoes to blend with the aroma and flavor. The unique flavor of wild salmon tends to be particularly good with rosemary and tomato. Read also: Asian Seafood Recipes

Some of the better baked salmon recipes that include rosemary and baked tomatoes are generally done with a full fillet of salmon. For example, a sixteen ounce salmon fillet baked with minced garlic cloves, one tablespoon of fresh rosemary, salt and pepper to taste, and some lemon and olive oil creates a spectacular fish dinner.

Spread the spices on both sides of the salmon, place the salmon fillet in a pan that’s been wiped with olive oil. Spread a little olive oil on top of the fillet, and bake the fish for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes at three hundred and fifty degrees. Read also: Italian Seafood Recipes

Of course, the amount of time will vary by the thickness of the fillet. One of the worst things you can do when baking salmon, or any fish for that matter, is to even slightly overcook the fillet. With practice you will be able to easily determine when the salmon is cooked. One way to tell is to press down with a fork and you should get no resistance. If the fork is hard to press and you get any resistance then the fish is starting to become overcooked.

Generally the baked tomatoes are cooked separately with chopped garlic, fresh basil, parsley, salt and pepper, and a couple of tablespoons of breadcrumbs. Cut the tomatoes in half and sprinkle the spices generously onto the tomato halves. Top them off with the breadcrumbs and bake for twenty minutes at approximately four hundred degrees.

The unique and enlivening qualities of the rosemary will produce baked Salmon recipes that are second to none. You will find that even guests who don’t usually like the strong flavor of salmon will be delighted at the light, aromatic flavor of your baked salmon.

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