Dessert Table Ideas

Dessert Table Ideas
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Dessert Table Ideas

How To Create an Eye-Catching Dessert Table

Dessert Table Ideas. Dessert tables add to the fun and uniqueness of each party and delight your guests with scrumptious treats as well. The next time you throw a birthday bash, bridal shower, or a Fourth of July party, why not try setting up a pretty dessert table to impress your guests? Here are three helpful tips to consider.

Start with a magnificent centerpiece

A beautifully designed cake is usually the dessert table’s crowning glory, but cupcake towers have also been recent favorites because of their novelty. (There’s also the overall convenience of having your guests just pick out a cupcake to eat instead of making them slice the cake into smaller pieces, which sometimes proves to be a tad bit messy.)

Dress your cake or cupcake tower up according to your party theme, but make sure you pay attention to the detail of the cake stand you use as well. When decorating for a kiddie party, it would be smart to avoid using crystal or porcelain as children can be a bit rowdy and could topple them over and break them. Plastic and wooden cake stands are easily available these days, and they could even add a bit of character to your dessert table. Read also: Dessert Recipes Easy

Crystal and porcelain cake stands would be a better choice for weddings or other formal functions such as corporate parties. Use it as it is, or add a simple detail like a pretty bow or colored stones underneath it, and you’re ready to go!

Color me pretty

You need not use the entire color palette to make your dessert table stand out; just choose a nice color scheme that would fit your theme and play around with it to achieve your desired effect. Red, white and blue would be the perfect color scheme for a Fourth of July celebration, for example, so come up with ways to incorporate these colors into your desserts. Read: Homemade Cake Recipes Desserts

Splash color onto your vanilla-white cupcake frosting with red and blue candy sprinkles, or serve red iced tea/cocktails with a blue and white striped straw. You can also serve star-shaped cookies with colored sugar frosting, and fill candy dishes or mason jars with red and blue gumballs. Colored utensils like cups, spoons, and forks, as well as plates, can also give your setting a nice touch.

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